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Online tour:

Dark tales of medieval Dubrovnik



Dark tales of medieval Dubrovnik is the new online version of our Dark tales of the Old Town walking tour.

Join a video call through Zoom application which is free to download. You can do that here:



Then after downloading and installing the Zoom app, feel free to message us about when would you like to do the tour. We can also arrange a private experience for you.


Similarly, it takes you through the dark history of Dubrovnik. Despite the glorious achievements of the once-famous Republic of Dubrovnik which was known far and wide for its diplomacy and commerce, the ruling aristocracy sometimes used more of the sneaky means to eliminate their political enemies. If you are interested, you will learn about many political affairs from the city's past, secret executions, tortures, prisons and escapes from these.

We will also uncover the dark romantic side of the city, stories such as of Dubrovnik's Romeo and Juliet, the medieval nightlife and harlots of the city, Dubrovnik's mysterious negromants, noble families and some of their tragic destinies, wretched orphans and ghostly phantoms that sometimes interfere with the lives of the living, the destructive plague and the horrific big earthquake.


Join us from the comfort of your home to listen to numerous dark and macabre stories of Dubrovnik.

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Important Info

  • This is an online version of Dark tales of the Old Town tour.

  • To participate, you need to have Zoom Meetings application installed on your desktop or mobile device.

  • To download and install Zoom (it's completely free) follow this link: Zoom

  • When you contact us, you will receive the instructions on how to book. Then I will send the link for our Zoom meeting that you simply need to open a few minutes before the tour starts.

  • Book from anywhere in the world and enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

  • Duration: 1 hour and 30 min.

  • Price: 110 EUR per tour.

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