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FANTASTIQUE, turistički obrt, Dubrovnik

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Crime and Punishment

in old Dubrovnik

walking tour

Today, Dubrovnik is one of the safest cities in the world. However, the historical archives of Dubrovnik hide many records of criminal cases from the past that were part of everyday life.


This tour brings you the side of Dubrovnik's history that you won't hear about on other city's tours. While exploring the limestone paved streets and alleys of the Old City, you'll discover what happened in the past after the third bell. We will reveal to you some of the most prominent and intriguing cases including stories of brutal murders and conspiracies, but also of the forbidden relationships, the usage of poisons, spies and witch trials. 


You will also learn all about the criminal justice that followed these crimes, so we will take you to the places where death sentences were carried out, where criminals were publicly ashamed, mutilated or tortured and finally we will visit the medieval courtroom, prisons and dungeon of the Rector's Court where you will be set free because that is where our tour will end.


The price for the tour is 200 Croatian kunas (approx. 27€) plus there is the entry fee to the Rector's Palace which is 100 kunas (around 14€) per person.


Important Info

  • The starting point is in front of Sesame restaurant, near Pile bus station, Dante Alighieri street. Check out the map for the exact location.

  • The walk ends in the old city in the museum of Rector's Court.

  • Duration: 1 hour and 45 min (approx).

  • Price: 200 Croatian kunas per person (27 EUR). It does NOT include the entry fee for the Rector's Court which is 100 kunas (about 14€).

  • We advise wearing comfortable shoes due to the steps in the City; Sun protection and a bottle of water are a must during hot Summer days in Dubrovnik.