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Dark tales of the Old Town walking tour


Dark tales of the Old Town walking tour takes you through the dark history of the City, so you can expect to hear many stories about the nightlife in old times, its dance macabre in the plague times, political intrigues, ghostly apparitions, forbidden love affairs, prison escapes and tortures, the big earthquake, and many other stories and tales that will intrigue your imagination.


Learn about the infectious pestilence that visited Dubrovnik often in old times, hear the story of Dubrovnik's Romeo and Juliet, discover who were Dubrovnik's negromants, learn about noble families and some of their tragic destinies and explore old Pustijerna district which translates as the empty land.


Join us in the evening hours to listen to numerous dark and macabre stories of Dubrovnik. Let us guide you through the limestone-paved back streets and alleys of the old town, lit by the evening street lanterns. If you are curious, let us show you the dark side of romantic old Dubrovnik!

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Important Info

  • Every Wednesday and Saturday; contact if you're interested in another day and hour.

  • The meeting point of the tour is by the Big Onofrio's fountain inside the Old City. When you enter through the Pile gate, it is on the right side of Stradun street.

  • The maximum number of people in the group is 10.

  • The walk ends near Rector's Palace.

  • Duration: 1 hour and 30 min (approx).

  • Price: 25 EUR per person.

  • We advise wearing comfortable shoes due to the steps in the City.

  • The tour is not for the ones with walking disabilities and it is not wheelchair or stroller accessible due to the steps.

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