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The abandoned summer manor of Sorgo-Natali

Desperately waiting to regain its former dignity, the summer manor Sorgo-Natali (Sorkočević-Natalić) on Kantafig in Dubrovnik stands there in its dullness, bleak and solemn, slowly decaying more and more as the time goes by. The forgotten monument from the late 16th century, severed long ago from its access to the sea, is one of the first things the travellers can notice if they happen to arrive by bus or by cruise ship since its located exactly across the bus terminal in the port of Dubrovnik.

The summer villa Sorgo-Natali

The legend has it that it's haunted.

According to it there used to be an abyss, a deep black hole bellow the ground floor, known only to the master of the house, who was wealthy, but also uncommonly cruel Ragusan nobleman. It so happened that one tragic day, in a rush of anger, this man killed his own daughter. To avoid stringent laws of the Republic and punishment for such an offence, he threw the body of the dead daughter into this chasm in the ground, thinking that he got rid of the evidence of his atrocious act.

However, the restless spirit of the young girl couldn't be hushed up. After her disappearance, strange things started to occur within those walls. Sometimes weird lights shining through the windows in the attic could be spotted in the night, and the female figure began to appear, looking through the glass.

For a very long time, people refrained from passing by the manor. Today this story has been covered by so many layers of dust and locals forgot all about it, many of them not believing in ghost tales. Be that as it may, the manor deserves a glance or two. Who knows, perhaps someone from inside will glance back.



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